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Construction of Cold Storage 
Refrigeration systems and plants
Components for refrigerating systems and plants
Cold stores, frozen food stores and accessories
Cold storage and freezer cells
Insulated doors of cold storage
PUF panels
Lighting system & devices
contracting service for cold storage
System & Materials of Insulation
Intelligent temperature control
Remote monitor and control
Pipes & pipe connectors 
Humidification & dehumidification technology
Sealing materials
Insulation materials
Warehousing & Loading Technology  
Mechanical handling equipment
Warehousing technology & equipment
Packaging and ordering picking equipment
Series lifting equipment, forklifts
Loading technology
Intralogistics – Systems and software
Logestics for Cold Chain
Logestics for food
Food traceability system
Packaging solution for food
RFID reader
Information system of cold chain
Pharma logistics
Transport Equipment & Technology of  Refrigeration
Refrigerated trucks and vehicles
Refrigerated containers
Transport refrigeration plants
Multi-clapboard refrigerated techology
Chilling bags, ice bags, frozen packaging
Vehicle refrigerator
Accumulated cooling boxes
Regenerator materials
Food Fresh Equipment
Controlled atmosphere technology
Fresh-keeping cabinets
Food display cabinets
Freshness Packets
Preservative film
Preservation reagents
Food storage technology
Freezing and Stored Equipment
Commercial cold-storage cabinets
Quick frozen equipments
Vacuum cooler
Ice machine
Pharmacy refrigerator and cabinets
Refrigeration accessories
Cold storage rental 
Cold chain business zone
Data loggers & low-temperature instruments
Labor protective clothes
Cleaning equipments
Cold chain consulting service
Testing, certification and training
Investment solution


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